struct•uring knowledge

structuring information and curricula for business training and continuing education

discovering and visually representing the structure and meaning of knowledge for accelerated and higher quality learning and training



  • Mindmapping audio and written learning materials for informal and business continuing education
  • "Reverse-engineering" and visually representing processes and conceptual structures that emerge from training courses and seminars

Case Studies

  1. Mindmaps of sections of the book Be The Media, published by David Mathison
  2. Mindmap of the Teleseminar Secrets Preview teleseminar with Alex Mandossian
  3. Mindmap of a session from The Moral Meaning of the Bible with Reuven Kimelman
  4. Mindmap of a Thought Leader Secrets lesson with Jay Abraham & Mark Harris
  5. Mindmap of a teleseminar on Affiliate Marketing with Cathy Perkins


The TSS SuperCharger™ — The Complete Mindmaps of Alex Mandossian's Teleseminar Secrets 8-module, tele-course

The Moral Meaning of the Bible, Volumes 1 & 2 with Reuven Kimelman — An Audio Coursebook, including a series of audio sessions, full mindmaps, and dramatized study text.

The Hidden Poetry of the Jewish Prayerbook with Reuven Kimelman — An Audio Coursebook, including a series of audio sessions, full mindmaps, and dramatized study text.

Selected Past Projects

(to be supplied soon)


David Mathison, Publisher, Be The Media, New York, New York

Mark Harris, Owner,

Dr. Andrew Colyer, Executive Director, Holistic Practice Development,
Mesa, Arizona

"These are just fantastic Sergiu. They have saved me hours of time. Every time I want to focus on a new aspect of the Teleseminar, I start by reviewing the mindmaps. Then I go to the detail in my course notes, prior to generating my own Action Plan for the project I am working on. Eventually, as I get more experience under my belt, I am hoping not to have to rely on the mindmaps so much. But Alex’s Course is SO content rich, I can’t imagine my not reviewing them to help me improve – or add something new – every time I start a project. The mindmaps have also helped me think-tank 'out of the box.' When I am approaching someone new, I can very quickly come up with ideas to sell the Teleseminar and to find ways of 'monetizing.'"

Michael Eccles, Owner,, Wye, Wales, UK

"What a powerful overlay for understanding a very detailed and complex body of knowledge! It really emphasizes the value of your mindmaps, while giving me a way to think about my own projects right away!"

Joel Orr, Principal,, San Francisco, California

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