struct•uring campaigns

designing, creating, implementing, hosting and measuring teleseminar-centric marketing and promotional campaigns



  • Designing, planning, managing and coordinating the virtual campaign project
  • Structuring the educational marketing curriculum
  • Implementing the entire web infrastructure
  • Promoting the virtual event
  • Hosting the virtual event
  • Providing customer support to registrants and attendees
  • Post-processing the content into evergreen products

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Case Studies

  1. Producing a Marketing Campaign for United Benefits Services
  2. Producing a Learning Fundraiser for a small Jewish congregation

Selected Past Projects

Heritage House Publishing and Alex Mandossian, Novato, California, 2010

Our Learning Company LLC, Brighton, Massachusetts, 2007-present

Jewish Lights Publishing, Woodstock, Vermont, ongoing

United Benefit Services, Newton, Massachusetts, 2009

Alex Mandossian, Novato, California, 2008-present

Meaningful Life Center, New York, New York, 2008-present


Alan Teperow, Executive Director, Synagogue Council of Massachusetts,
Newton, Massachusetts

"Sergiu is a passionate and innovative marketer. Clearly a master at his craft. He has learned from the masters and shares freely from what he has learned. His deep understanding of marketing platforms and technologies is very impressive."

Yaron Kimelman, President, Debt Care America,
Worcester, Massachusetts

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