Is Your Business Model Differentiated Enough?


Business productivity does not mean just producing more results in less time, but producing the "right" results, the Valuable Results. This brings us to the crucial notion of Business Model. I asked Bob Norton, an expert in the art and science of business strategic planning, to explain

  • Why a well-differentiated business model is key to your business success
  • What are the attributes of an optimized business model
  • How to go about refining your business model
  • How to create a business model that secures your competitive advantage in 4 steps, and
  • What impact will a differentiated business model have on your business, once you have optimized it

So first let's watch the video together, while following Bob's points on the mindmap:


[Click on the image for an enlarged view.]

Now think of the business you work in, or lead, or manage, or own, or are in the process of starting. Think of this business situation today: Is your Business Model differentiated enough? Take our 1-question quick poll at and see how you fare against all the other respondents. (You must have a LinkedIn account to access it!)

I also invite you to participate in a 70-minute interactive tele-webinar with Bob Norton on Optimizing Your Business Model, and ask him your questions about differentiating your business model. Register for FREE at:

If you're reading this before the live event, I invite you to actively participate. Bob has been coaching small-to-midsize businesses for over a decade through his C-Level Boot Camp, and had himself grown two businesses from start-up to $100M in revenues. If the timing of the live event is not good for you, or you're reading this after the time of the interactive event, register and you will gain access to the full recording, the 17-page Action Guide and (again, at no cost) to Bob's own 122-page book on Designing A Business for Rapid Growth. ACCESS HERE

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