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The Structure of a Marketing Video

In a previous post on The Structure of Persuasive Communications I had my friend and teacher Alex Mandossian share the 7 questions that provide the structure of his teleseminars, articles, videos, seminars and teachings. In this video, he reminds us the two most powerful fears that keep us all from achieving what we care most about. I'll let him explain it, as he does it brilliantly in just 5 short minutes, and then I will discuss the how Alex applied his own 7-Question method to this brief communication.

So first, let's watch the video together:


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Do you remember the 7-Question structure? Here is a quick recap, as a mindmap:

The 7-Question Structure

[Click on the image for an enlarged view. You can also download this mindmap as a here]

Here is now how Alex used his 7-Question structure in the video you just watched:

[Click on the image for an enlarged view. You can also download this mindmap as a here]

Note that the structure of the video is not as "pure" as the one in the picture above, yet every single one of the 7 questions is addressed. Also notice that some of the 7 segments actually overlap (the yellow call-outs show where exactly in the video these segments are, by minute and seconds).

The lesson to be learned is that the fluidity of communication sometimes requires these 7 components to overlap, to be addressed less linearly. Bottom line is: as long as we address each and every one of the 7 questions, in order, we end up with a powerfully persuasive communication.

If Alex' video peeked your curiosity about Teleseminar Secrets, the three-month journey that you can also take with him, but are still hesitant, here is another video I invite you to watch, at no cost, where Alex pulls the curtain off the rich curriculum that's waiting for you:

So now I invite you to share with us the answers to the two questions asked in the video:

  1. What will you do with the extra money success will bring?
  2. What will you do with the extra time you will create?

Please use the Comments box below, and turn the upcoming New Year into a fearlessly successful one!

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