Chris Brogan on Attention Deficit


In a recent article on The New Attention Deficit, published by Entrepreneur Magazine, Chris Brogan provides four techniques to restore what the mis-use of smart phones and computers has done to our productivity:

  1. Schedule your correspondence
  2. Pick a task (by removing the other tabs from your browser window)
  3. Avoid answering the phone
  4. Maintain human contact

He's right on, and entirely in tune to the principles and techniques in my Productivity Workshop. There, I talk about the three dimensions of productivity, and aggregating what you do along each of these dimensions. Chris Brogan's recommendations line up along the same:


  • Time. #1 and #3 are exactly about budgeting specific (aggregated) time blocks for corresponding (processing your email and mail) and for conversing (processing your voice mail).
  • Space. #2 is about managing your digital space by reducing the number of "places" you deal with at a time. Focusing on one task (represented by one browser tab) and removing the other reduces the internally-induced distractions.
  • Mind. #4 is about not letting your mind wonder (and get distracted by the machines) while interacting with others.

I encourage you to  read the brief, but rich article on the Entrepreneur Magazine website, and then share your thoughts below.

  • What are your challenges in applying these four techniques in your own professional (and even personal) life?
  • What additional tips do you have to turn these techniques from theory into a habit for life?

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